Contemporary Romance Fiction

Kulti by Mariana Zapata

Kulti by Mariana Zapata

My Rating:* * * *

Genre – Slow Burn Romance, Sports Star

This is the first time I’m reviewing a book, I mean putting words to my thoughts. I m not sure why I chose to review this book, even though lots of reviews are already in as this book was released in 2015. It’s a standalone. This has been on my list as all-time reads. I have tried to avoid the spoilers, but I case if you find please forgive me.

Read blurb of the book before this review

I’m not at all interested in soccer. I have no clue in terms of World cup and leagues. I can estimate how much workout sessions any international player for any sports must put in. This book is about interracial romance. Hero is a German and Heroine is Mexican and how they start knowing each other while staying in US. I’m not going to lie. I was struggling in the beginning until I reached the 35% mark and then finally, finally the story caught my interest.

Salome “Sal” Casillas is a soccer player in Pipers League team. Reiner Kulti, a recently retired international soccer icon, has agreed to be an assistant coach for the team for one season. Sal has got an ambitious meaningful life before she meets Kulti. I loved her workout and job schedule. She is one of the strongest forwards in her team. She is Modest, level-headed, talented, competitive, easy going and a real team player, determined to work hard to prove her worth to herself and her team.

As blurb says – “When the man you worshiped as a kid becomes your coach, it’s supposed to be the greatest thing in the world. Keywords: supposed to.” Her life takes a twist post she meets him. she’d been crushing on this famous god-like soccer player for YEARS!!!! Since she was a kid, in fact. He was her hero. Her inspiration. And then she gets a new coach. THE BAD BOY KING OF SOCCER HIMSELF. The one she loved desperately as a young and the one she eventually disowned. It’s almost a dream come true until Kulti shows up.

Kulti is very serious and grumpy most of the time. He is hostile and disagreeable in the beginning with attempt him draw him out is met with disdain. he also had a healthy dose of humor in him. I loved their banter and bickering. Sal and Kulti started as kind of enemies, went to friends and then naturally, when they were ready, became lovers. The thing I liked most in this entire book is there eatable nicknames like Taco’s, pumpernickel, German Chocolate cake, bratwurst, frankfurter and many more.

Some lines I liked

Someone who makes me laugh

Are you making stuff up?”  Really? Kulti Laughing? Ha

“I’ll be back.
Okay, Arnold.
He’s Austrian, not German, you little shit”.

He is wearing a wedding ring,  — That doesn’t mean i cant look”

If I’m building this up, then sorry if you’ll be disappointed. But sometimes a book just jives with you and affects you in a way that’s difficult to put in words.

Before I end this, I can tell you what I didn’t like in this book. Author has toggled between her thoughts in mind and her actual conversation. For each line conversation, Sal’s thoughts will be explained for 2 pages which actually puts a halt to conversation, I mean you will lose the flow, that might be the reason it took me almost till I reached 35% to get me hooked. It too lengthy book with 500+ pages.

Apart from this toggle, it’s a nice entertainer and felt more realistic the way author has portraited it. Mariana Zapata has given us a heroine to admire until the very end, and a noble hero who cherishes everything about her. Writing style could have been better. But it was still amazing. Read it, buddies.

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