Insidious (Tales from dark side #1) by Aleatha Romig

Insidious (Tales from dark side #1) by Aleatha Romig

My Rating:****

Genre – Thriller, Erotica Thriller

                Aleatha is by far till date my favorite author. The way she takes the turns and twists in the story is amazing. This is book 1 of Tales from the dark side. This book was released in 2014, even though author has mentioned that it’s a stand alone and have told that there are new characters to meet and more stories to tell in future novels and the characters of this book will not intersect, there hasn’t been any other book released form this series till date. I would love to meet characters of this book again.

Blurb —

This book is dark & mysterious with many turns and twist. As author has quoted this is erotica thriller. Even though I’m not a fan of erotica novels I picked this book just by author name. I didn’t like many of the erotica scene’s in this, as it was too much for me the accept that. I will tell you its dark and twisted and its not for light hearted people. In spite this book kept me on my toes. In the first 40% if the book, it toggles between past and present. For the better understanding of the novel, even though I didn’t like few of the past scene, I went ahead with that. Book takes a huge twist from 45% and kept me on my toes till the end. And “What an END”!!!!

When I read the epilogue, I read again and again and started questioning did I understood correctly? I m not sure if ending is what I assume, because author has done a beautiful job of keeping the climax open as of now to readers point of view.

Coming to the story part of this, it starts with Victoria Conway entering into a contract at the age of 18 and marrying a mogul who is much older than her to ensure her siblings financial future and payoff her stepfathers gambling debts. She doesn’t understand the complete terms of the contract initially and by the time she understands, she finds herself in a position not to withdraw from that. It’s about understanding her situation, motives behind action, deceit and powerful men surrounding her not ready to give up on her.  It’s a story about Victoria being young and naive to being strong willed, smart, cool, sexy and badass.

Some details are dark, twisted and sordid, even then it has kept on the edge. My personal feel is, author has rushed to tie up all the loose ends in last 30% of the book and have cut short some scene and rushed to the next. Instead of some detailed erotic scene I would have preferred more details on scene which would highlight her strengths.

It’s an intense book and I was captivated by the characters and plot. I loved the way author has expressed depth knowledge about the domain in her terms. It’s a smart crazy thriller. In short, a wild ride. ENNNJJOOOYYY

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