Contemporary Romance Fiction

Bennett Mafia By Tijan

My Rating:* * * 1/2

Genre – Mafia Romance, light thriller

The only reason I picked reading this is because of author. The only series I have liked till date by this author is “Fallen Crest”. I have read several of her standalone and other series and I didn’t like any of them as much as Fallen crest. When I started this, I was prepared to be disappointed. But surprisingly it was good. As the name suggest this is about a mafia family. Even though I was not imminent on reading mafia novel, I picked it.

Blurb details from good read

As the blurb says, Mafia princess Brooke Bennett is Riley’s old roommate. News of her missing is broadcasted in TV and Riley is kidnapped by Bennett 2 days later. Kai Bennett is Brooke’s second older brother. He is brooding, ruthless mafia king. Author has given totally different direction on how mafia operates than I the one’s I have already studied till date.

There were certain questions which will arise within 20% of the book and that makes the book more gripping. Questions like a) what is Reliy’s Secret why does she have Alias name? b) What training is she referring to? C) What is she hiding from? D) Where is Brooke and why did Kai kidnap her after 14 years?

Tijan has tried to portrait Riley as fierce, Strong and fighter, but somehow, I think it has not come that strongly. In the initial stages of books, she becomes sick looking at certain roughed up parts, any secret service agent can’t be that weak in my book. Apart from this, Riley character has grown to be tolerant not that I liked her. However, Kai is totally different story. I liked him. The tension between them is good and the best part about kai is he is honest and gives appropriate info exactly at right time. For being a prisoner, she is treated extremely well, and all Brooke’s brothers are attached to her without any reason apart from Riley being their sister’s childhood best friend.

I liked the way how their relationship progressed from being guarded to slowly opening up & trusting each other and the banter between all side characters. Mafia fans will like this book. Anyone who craves a nice story & characters this is a good book to pick.

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