Twisted (Tangled Web #1) by Aleatha Romig

My Rating:*****

Author – Aleatha Romig

Genre – Dark romance saga

Have I told you, Aleatha Romig is one of my favorite author till date? Telling her as one of my favorites is definitely an understatement. I m obsessed with her dark novels, makes more accurate statement. I keep stalking her through her social media accounts and I keep checking her website for new updates. I can’t fathom the way she thinks.

When first noticed her announcement on tangled web I told myself that I won’t check her websites and I won’t buy this book until all 3 books in the series are released. I didn’t read web of sins entire series in one flow, (I read on first day of release) that may be the reason even though I liked it, Sterling didn’t make an impression like Nox (Infidelity series). Till date Lennox Demitri is my all-time fav book hero. Neither sterling nor Mason could bringdown Nox. So, when book was released on May 21st, I controlled myself from purchasing it. I read few other novels got immersed in that till 22nd night. I couldn’t take out my mind out of this book, so gave in and purchased on 22nd night and finished this book in a day. Once I finished reading this, I was confused, should I have waited for all 3 or did I do the best thing by buying it. In short, a wonderful book.

 Blurb from good reads

Even though author has quoted this as Dark romance saga, it was more like mystery thriller. It was mysterious and intriguing. This book is a sort of Spin off of web of sin Series, but you need not have to read that first to understand this book.

This book revolves around Medical research. Laurel is a brilliant scientist working in university lab. She is not aware of the ill effects of her product. She only thinks and concentrate on the good things her chemical formula can do. Her life will be full of chaos as she encounters a dangerous, mysterious and sexy Kader. After her first encounter with Kader in fundraising conference for her research, things surrounding her become too cryptic for Laurel to understand.

Kader is hired for her assignment and he makes an exception in this case by meeting her and changing his plans last moment. This one change will roll lot of things. This book is from duel point of view. Its fast paced and wonderful page turner. It’s a thriller book in my description. Story takes a different twist with unexpected allies and enemies, disappearance, murders and with shadows around several corners.

It’s worth a read but with a damn Cliffhanger. The second book name in this series is Obsessed and became obsessed and couldn’t wait for this release date.

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