The Shiva Trilogy -The Secret of the Nagas – Book -2 – By Amish Tripathi

The secret of the Nagas

My Rating : ****

This is the second book in Shiva Trilogy. A wonderful sequel to the first novel Shiva Trilogy

The blurb from second book

The books begins where previous book ended. In this book we get see more of chandravanshi culture. Few stages of book felt little dragged explaining culture food and city. However story continues with Shiva in search of evil and his travel all around India. It continues with Shiva and Sati’s life entangle with Naga. Few more Mythological characters get added in this.

Few of my fav episodes in this book is vasudev pandit guidance to Mahadeva, few chapters with Parashurama, explanation of caste system in india. Explanation of crossing Dhandak forest is beautiful and the place where Naga live is also nicely explained.If I add few more names it’s like revealing too much.

Some of my fav quotes from this book
1) Change is the only constant.
2) The sin was being committed against accepting it.
3) The actual opposite of love is apathy. When you don’t care a damn as to what happens to the other person.

To sum up it will excite you and make you feel mesmerized in some points. Overall I enjoyed this book. It has a equal amount of buildup and interesting plot to keep you on your toes toll the end.

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