Contemporary Romance Fiction

Accidental Husband by MV Kasi

Accidental Husband-A Passionate Romance -by MV Kasi

My Rating : ****

It’s simple, uncomplicated, full indianized Bollywood masala mix romantic story.

I was looking for some simple short read and saw this book in my kindle recommendations. I picked it because I was in mood for light reads. This book was exactly that.

Blurb from good reads

As blurb says : Priya is ambitious, hardworking and smart women who is engrossed with her mom’s company. She aspires to have her own startup one day. But her life is planned in every step by overachiever mother.

All plans will be blown away when she meets gorgeous man in Vegas. There wild whrilwind passionate weekend will result in marriage.Now after 3years she has to go back to India and meet that sexy hunk and get his signature on annulment papers.

Twist arrives when Arjun refuses the annulment and ask her to stay one month with him to convince her that it’s good to give their marriage a try. Arjun is strong, determined, hardworking, understanding family oriented guy plus billionaire. He has all you can expect from boyfriend.

One month with staying in a small town village of India, with a husband she doesn’t know anything about and he is a farmer working in fields. With those sizzling chemistry, beautiful smile will she be able to resist that handsome hunk?

I m rating it as 4 because heroine annoyed me a little and author didn’t give proper explanation on why heroine doesn’t remember things even though she wasn’t drunk. Also their chemistry was intense and their sexy times were explosive, but it’s tough to accept for Indian mindset as reality of this is not common, however its good fantasy.

Nonetheless, this is still an enjoyable sexy and good one time fun read.

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