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Buttons and Lace (Buttons #1) by Penelope sky

Buttons and lace by Penelope sky

My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

When I read the blurb I didn’t realize it’s a dark read. I didn’t read reviews. I just picked because blurb intrigued me. However it had been a long time for that I had read a dark read.

Generally I m not a big fan of dark read, it depends on book. Warning for this book⚠ :Some deep disturbing scenes are in the the first 50% of the book.

Pearl started as any normal heroine trying to save her relationship with her live in boyfriend. She is kidnapped while on vacation with her boyfriend and sold as a sex slave to sadistic man ( bones). From the time she is kidnapped and till she becomes a possession of bones the way pearl reacts to the situation is wonderful. Her determination to get rid of the situation and the bold move she makes to escape without an ounce of remorse is lovely.

Reason she is captured back in the boat is a shitty one from my point 😏🤨. Seriously do people think of others in such worse scenarios🤔(my book heroine would never do that).Inws it kept me on my toes. Super duper hats off to write..

Once she is in possession of Bones she is brutally tortured by Bones. She becomes aware that he earned his name by killing and taking a bone of every person who wrongs him. She realizes that if she has to escape from this scenario she has to out smart her captor. She changes her plans and tries to make a better situation for herself and escape when time comes. She would even succeed a bit in manipulating him.

I loved her as she won’t break under his torture and tries to be strong mentally and takes smart decisions. She will be looking for a way out when an attack in her house leads her to be a captive of Crow.

Crow is extremely dangerous man and has his reasons to kidnap her. He thinks, bone cherishes her and he wants to take something precious from him as bones has taken from crow. Bones and crow are rivals. In all this, Pearl’s scenario has not at all changed. She becomes captor to another person. When she realizes her scenario, she fights it and when she thinks her fight is a lost cause, she will be ready to kill herself. When crow notices her fight and her decision to be in control of her own life he respects her and takes her under his wing.

I think I have almost most narrated 50% of the story. Ru intrigued why it’s called buttons and lace? Here it comes. I will try to avoid revealing more of the story. Crow offers her a freedom from this, but he tells she has to earn 365 buttons. Now read the blurb😃.

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Plot was well layered and presented, even though there were few dubious scenes and contents were present in certain chapters. This book kept me on my toes till the end, the way she has bought the concept of buttons is nice. This book was completely fulfilling thriller with an enigmatic anti hero and a strong courageous heroine. Good thing I picked this series when all 3 books are already released.

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