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Buttons and Hate (Buttons, #2) by penelope sky

Buttons and Hate (Buttons, #2) by Penelope sky

My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐

This book is continuation of book 1. Read my book 1 review before this.

I was wondering how this story would progress after book1. I loved Pearl’s strength/ courage and fight.

As book 1 is cliffhanger and now she has realized she has no home to go back, she is recovering from the betrayal. Crow is being supportive and helping her to come out of her grief.

Crow had a hard exterior In book 1, in this it’s been easier to like him. Pearl, being stronger than ever makes her way in crow’s heart. As blurb says buttons keep juggling from both the jars. She has to give up something to take something from him and she is so ready for it.

Blurb from Amazon

Inspite of the fact that Pearl has found a way to crack crows walls and crawl towards it, he is building higher and stronger walls. When they are both still in denial mode, Cane (Crow’s brother) without understanding the bond between these two, breaks into crows house and beat Pearl almost to death for his hate towards Bones. We see a little different side of crow in this book. He is still ruthless and cold, yet we could see his nurturing and jealous side of him. This scenario brings out an protective and nurturing side of crow. pressure from cane becomes actual threat from Bones. Cane gets his redemption and now all 3 of them sit together to lure Bones out.

I liked Pearls strength to still actively participate luring Bones. She understands her situation if the plan goes wrong yet she is still ready for that.

Plot became little sloppy at some places because of the push and pull between Pearl and Crow. Even tough I m no expect in language I feel some grammatical corrections would have made this book much better. I liked their names, as the first thing about Crow that comes to mind is it’s black color in a similar way white for Pearl. It indicates the darkness and light, which is a perfect combo in this book.
A good read in leisure while experiencing some goosebumps, steamysex, heartbreak, and thrill at the same time. Soon after this I couldn’t reach for Buttons and Pain fast enough.

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