Contemporary Romance Fiction

Buttons and Pain (Buttons #3) by Penelope sky

Buttons and Pain (Buttons #3) by Penelope sky

My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Read the first two books before reading this. Its a third book in series. This review may contain spoilers from one and two.

Buttons and Lace (Buttons #1) by Penelope sky

Buttons and Hate (Buttons, #2) by penelope sky

This book became too much of hearts and flowers than a dark read. I m giving this 4 starts only for the climax. I didn’t anticipate climax and loved the entire fight, apart from that i didn’t like this book much. It became too sloppy and smut in my opinion. Grammar is horrible, I m not good in English, yet I could find several. It looked like author didn’t reread the draft at all.

Amazon blurb

This book continues from where book 2 ended. As blurb say, when Pearl gets opportunity to run away, she will take it. In my terms it was a foolish move because action speaks louder than words and Crow may not have uttered the same words yet he has showed in his actions better. Inws, she runs away to States and try to lead a normal life like before inspite of knowing the consequences, which is a bold move. Her reasoning and confrontation with her ex boyfriend is super shitty. Only thing I liked is when she demands money.

Crow appears at her door step to convince her to come back with him to Tuscany. At this stage the plot becomes sloppier. I literally skimmed few pages here. Crow has been extremely stubborn to admit his feelings. I liked how he sees Pearl as his equal.
They both will be back in their home in Tuscany since Pearl realizes the danger from Bones.

At this stage story takes a turn and becomes more romantic with all hearts and flowers. I felt boring and predictable at some places and was feeling like story crawled at the slowest pace.

I was expecting a dramatic end but climax was wonderful. Author portraits a wonderful strong and courageous heroine. I absolutely loved her bold move. It’s not easy to take such steps for a victim, but she never considers herself as victim and I loved the way she is prepared for the war. Climax is wonderful and I don’t think ending could have been any better.

It’s a good conclusion to Crow and Pearls story. I read reviews that series continues with Cane’s story with crow and pearl’s appearance in that. But somehow I felt like giving a rest to this series for now. I will write my review incase if I am in mood for Cane’s story.

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