Contemporary Romance Fiction

Overnight Wife by Penny Wylder

Overnight Wife by Penny Wylder

My Rating : 1/2

Blurb from Amazon

I picked this book 2 days ago as I was still in mood for light reads and it was available in kindle Unlimited.

This book doesn’t have a grip on plot. Heroine and hero both are annoying as hell. I literally struggled to finish. I skimmed few pages in between as well.

As blurb says, Mara becomes wife unexpectedly on drunken night in Vegas. She couldn’t recognize John as her boss which is understandable. Post that their thoughts to stay married and give a try, ok.

However their is no grip and content or characteristics which will attract each other apart from their chemistry. No dialogue delivery where they exactly speak to each other. Half the book is what’s going on in their head. I don’t except hero to be brooding and all, but this book really didn’t have a plot grip.

Just to add some masala, a chapter has been villanized. John will think they are good for each other because they are different yet similar. She is always running away from him, and thinking career is important, which is fine reasoning but she won’t think in any other aspect.

Even though it was simple, predictable story I didn’t like it much as any of the heroines nor heros characters were highlighted.

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