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Bared to you by Sylvia Day

Bared to you by Sylvia day
My Rating :⭐⭐1/2

Blurb from Amazon

Now that I have completed reading this entire series, I don’t know how to rate the book 1.
When I first started I tot it’s similar to FSoG. But soon realized it’s similar, yet different. I liked Eva a lot and in my opinion she is no way in comparison with Ana in any terms.

Sadly for me, this wasn’t as interesting as book 2 and 3. I struggled to push ahead at certain points. It felt more like smut.

This book is from single POV. Eva Trammel wants to make a life and name of her own. It isn’t that she has trouble with money. She comes from money, yet she choose to start her work from bottom and joins and advertising agency.
She meets Gideon cross, Owner of the building in which her company is placed. It’s an instant connection between them. Gideon is controlling, demanding,Passionate and gorgeous. He is a perfection and wet dream( just not in first book 😛).

More than half the book both are either running away from each other or always jumping at each other. The tension between them is always palpable and near explosive. I was wondering what’s happening. If you read book 1, it won’t go anywhere(Hindi Serial), I was surprised myself when I picked second one. Yes, it hot, sexy and emotional, I think yes it’s true that when feelings are too much we generally opt for flight mode.

But having their own fucked up past they were trying to cope in their own way. We don’t know much about Gideon in this, but Eva, coming out of it, seeking professional help to function normally felt more realistic.

I loved the other Character in this book, especially her boss Mark and her partner Steven. Cary, woww, just a damn superb character. The relationship between Cary and Eva is amazing. They are friends, roommates, sort of bro-sis, it’s just what ever the other person wants, just platonic. They always stick together with each other at all times. I like how they relay on each other.

Honestly the only reason I picked book second book was to get immersed in and numb my mind. No other reason at all. But just don’t stop this because of this review, her writing and story lines have improved a lot in next books in series.

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