Contemporary Romance Fiction

Twisted Bond by Cora Reilly

Twisted Bond by Cora Reilly
My Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Amazon blurb

This is the fourth book in Camorra Chronicles. Since I have started writing reviews recently, even though I have read book 2 and 3 in this series you don’t see my reviews.

I had read few books in born in blood mafia Chronicles and starting of the year got intrigued by Twisted emotions blurb and read that. I loved Nino and Remo more than Luca and Dante. I had literally said bye to Luca after meeting Nino and Remo. As soon as I became aware that I will get to know more of Nino & Kiara in this along with Remo, Fina, Savio I was awaiting for this book.

Yesterday I was reading another book & suddenly realized Twisted Bonds may be released so I just stopped reading that and jumped into this. I was definitely not. disappointed for picking this up😀.

Author literally spoiled my imagination of Kiara by this cover page😡. You need to know some background before reading this book. I suggest reading book 2& 3 atleast.

This book mainly focus on Nino and Kiara ( first appearance of Kiara in Twisted emotions). It continues from where Twisted emotions ended and the events that took place in book 3.How bonding between Nino and Kiara becomes stronger over a period. It’s more on how they overcome the Rocky patch of their relationship and love bonds them together. Many of the scene in this book is repeat of book 3, but from Nino and Kiara perspective.

This book is from dual POV ( Nino & Kiara) but all Falcone brothers, Fabiano, Leona, Greta and Nevio make appearance. I wasn’t a great fan of Savio but I liked his arrogance in this.
Second half is action packed and with some unexpected twists. It mostly showcases how they value their family more than anything and all the risks taken by Falcons to protect family.

Even though it’s repeat, it does have new element in second half, it gives base for next Falcone brothers story and an end which Nino and Remo were looking in book 2 &3. This book won’t disappoint you if you like Nino and Kiara.

I recommend reading born in blood Mafia series before reading this book for better understanding.

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