Contemporary Romance Fiction

Naughty Boss (Steamy Coffee Reads Collection Book 1)  by Whitney G

Naughty Boss (Steamy Coffee Reads Collection Book 1) by Whitney G

My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐

Amazon blurb

I was in again in mood for some simple uncomplicated book. I chose this randomly. When I read the blurb and started reading the book I was prepared to be disappointed. I was thinking can some one really send that mail to a boss? 🤔

This book is cool one time read even though book name doesn’t give justice to the plot. It’s a short book, funny, entertaining and hot read.

Mya is an assistant in a publishing company, she likes her job but it’s stressful and she dislikes her boss. She and her bff has a strange arrangement of sending each other a mail about all mundane routine things. Most of those emails are all about she bitching on her boss Michael Leighton.

Don’t except too many emotional characters or any detailed description of behavior, it’s not there. It’s just simple, steamy hero and sassy heroine. She has lasted as his assistant for more time than anyone else, because Michael has promised to his lead attorney that he will keep it in his pants till company goes public. He wants to repair his image and scandals free till company goes public, so even though he is attracted to Mya he acts like a douchebag and tries his best to make her quit job.

As blurb says, she accidentally send her one of the email which she usually send her bff venting out frustration about his errands. Story takes a different turn after this.

It’s a quick read, if you are looking for some simple, uncomplicated office romance this is it. Enjoy.

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