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Reasonable Doubt -Full Series(Episode 1,2 &3) by Whitney G

Reasonable Doubt -Full Series(Episode 1,2 &3) by Whitney G
My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐

Since I finished Naughty boss just in couple of minutes and I was still in mood for light read I picked this from same author. This book has 3 episodes. First &second are short, third is lengthier in comparison to these two. Now that I have finished reading all 3 I tot it’s better to tell about all 3 in the same review as it’s short novella.

Amazon blurb

Episode 1:

This book is from duel point of view. Andrew Hamilton is an high profile lawyer and he doesn’t have interest in relationships. He has a policy. ” ONE DINNER, ONE NIGHT, NO REPEATS”. He hates being lied to. He meets women in online date match site and follow his rule. He is agitated and irritated to the core bcoz most of the time he is been lied about the profiles set on internet.

On the different website, which is only meant for lawyers he develops an unusual friendship with Alyssa. He thinks she is an amateur lawyer and for past 6 months he has been giving legal advice’s on cases to her. She is reluctant to meet him and need only professional assistance and she is his only friend in town.

Things change when he interviews a pre-law student for an intern position in his company. He realizes that alluring intern Aubery Everhart is none other than Alyssa. He realizes that she is way younger( than age given in website) and a student not lawyer. He is agitated that he is been lied again.

Aubery is trying to manage her classes and ballet dancing. She takes up pre-law as her major due to her parental pressure. She has her own share of problems.

It’s a cliffhanger and a short book. Don’t expect too many things and logic. Just go with the flow and enjoy.

Episode 2


It starts off exactly where book 1 ended. In this we get to know that both have lied to each other and their trust is on toss. We get more revelation on Andrews past and Aybery’s life.

Author has kept an air of mystery which keeps readers intrigued. There relationship is still rocky. Aubery sass and motivation is fun reading and Andrew acts hot and cold throughout.

He tries to move on but couldn’t and Aubery struggle to pursue her dream as a ballet dancer vs her parents chosen destination throughout.

However it’s a short book ending with heavy cliffhanger. Overall this is a good followup book in the series. Njoy this dirty ride.

Episode 3


Note: This review may contain spoilers from episode 1 & 2

Its a good conclusion to highly entertaining short novella series. The best part of this series is Andrew. We have seen arrogant, jerk and dirty mouth part of Andrew in previous episodes, in this we see a different side of him before Aubery and along with her, yet he keeps his arrogant jackass character throughout.

After being kicked out of his apartment Aubery and Andrew gets separated. She feels she owns an apology for the way she has been treated, but he refuses. She finally deicide to pursue her dream hobby as a ballet dancer and makes Andrew work for her when he realizes she is more than a fling.

As for the secret that Andrew’s been keeping and the mystery behind his past will all get revealed chapter by chapter. When everything is revealed your heart will break for him.
A sweet, fun loving, trusting father and husband turns out to be a mysterious, arrogant jackass after his wife and best friend misuses his trust and resources.
I enjoyed reading this series, each book flows together well and story moves smoothly in all volumes. You will like dirty talking Andrew if you are into this.

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