Contemporary Romance Fiction

Boss of me by Tia Louise

Boss of me by Tia Louise

My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Blurb from Amazon

I picked this book for 2 reasons. One I saw add of this in Aleatha insta page (My fav author and I sort of stalk her a lot). Two : free in kindle Unlimited + title states enemies to lovers, stand alone

In my opinion title doesn’t give justice at all.
They are no way enemies. Two strangers meeting first time and struggling with physical chemistry doesn’t make them enemies in my book. Yes, he is the boss, just because you are attracted to him, do you think he is enemy? I don’t at least. She is a new hire and you are her boss, does she become enemy because of looks? They don’t know how each other work at office in terms of work, it’s a sort of office romance.

Raquel is a topper in class and joins Fletcher’s international. Her sister is a former employee in the same company and Raquel is not aware of the reasons why her sister quit working in that company. She warns Raquel that Patton Fletcher’s is a devil and not to fall for him. I like that she is driven and intelligent. But she could have been more logical or stubborn in resisting Patton. But apart from that I liked her character.

Patton is an intense character, I liked the way he loved his friends even though I didn’t like how he handled his father. He and his 3 friends are military veterans and have some baggage from their old days. They follow different ways of handling it. Patton was perfect aggravated boss, but the characters building could have been much better.

Moving on to plot, prologue was promising and it was good initially but started dragging at some point. If I hate my boss, then I don’t want my sister to work in same company where I worked and under same boss, whatever might be circumstances and a big no if she has other opportunities. So I didn’t understand why Renee encouraged her sister to work there and gave tips. Keeping that apart it was ok, but the suspense reveal why her sister left job there was sloppy.

There chemistry and combo is good along with the banter. The initial responses b/w Raquel and Patton is entertaining. Its a sort of sweet romance with enough amount of drama. It’s from dual POV & standalone.

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