Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Dugout By Meghan Quinn

The Dugout By Meghan Quinn

My Rating :⭐⭐⭐3/4

Amazon blurb

This is my first Meghan Quinn book. I just picked it randomly. It’s a sports romance.

Milly Potter grew up with 3 big brothers, all 3 brothers + her dad is superfan of baseball. She wants to be an coach. Now in senior year of her college with her brothers all settled and having a name of themselves it’s time for her to choose her career. She and her 2 friends Shane and Jerry never miss a homegame and she is obsessed with game and players.

Carson stone is a big handsome popular player in campus. Recently he has trouble with his swing due to an injury. When Milly tries to help him, initially he acts as an arrogant jerk. Now that he has realized that she actually does have a knowledge and can help him, he has to woo her.

It’s a fun read, how ever for me it was tough to digest as I had zero knowledge on the game.
Author has quoted below line the book
“If you don’t watch baseball, that’s fine, but first base, come on. Everyone played some version of baseball in school at some point.”

I just laughed at this statement telling not on this side of the world. This statement made me tell that ” You would have played definitely a kabbadi or koko in your childhood”. I was definitely a girl who would ask ” What’s first base? “.

One more thing ” I had never heard of Reese Witherspoon or Legally Blonde movie”. I just got a feel that these characters n movie may be real so I just googled them n got to know they were popular😝. I am not at all a fan of movies so Hollywood movies like Legally Blonde was like never heard of. Avengers or Jurassic park or classics like jane Eyre or Dracula or series like friends or big bang theory are popular even in this side of the world. Now I got to know about this movie, will try watching sometime😁

One more quote which author stated which made me ROLF is below.
“Whenever my coach tells me to run faster my arms pump faster “— can totally relate. I was like this when I started my running.

It started as a wonderful read but at some point I felt that plot became slightly sloppier and it was dragging. I liked several side characters in the book. Jerry, shane, Gunner, knox but loved Cory. A wonderful character depicted as a brother. I think that’s how brother/sis relationship would be. Doesn’t matter how far you are from each other or how much you quarrel or how famous you become, you always understand and support each other.

In my opinion this book is totally for baseball fans. Overall it’s a cute read. If you enjoy college/sports romance this book is for you.

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