The Arrangement by Robyn Harding

The Arrangement by Robyn Harding

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2

Amazon blurb 

This story is about a sugar baby and sugar daddy. Blurb was too intriguing, so I picked it up. I m not sure, in real life if these arrangements exist. I read the acknowledgment from author in the end, and she has mentioned speaking to some real sugar babies, which was shocking to me.

As blurb states a 22-year-old Natalie is struggling to meet the ends in New York city. She refuses to take help from her parents. She loses her job and is finding it difficult to manage money for tuition, rent, food and her college supplies. Her job as a waitress would not have helped her much, but any tips would have been helpful. She loses her job because of poor choices she makes. Her roommates are selfish and nasty bitches who wants her to be out of apartment soon. A friend of her suggest her to try to be a sugar baby.

There is a website that young women can go to, one that will change their lives forever. Young women login to find a “Sugar Daddy” – a wealthy older man who will pay her for companionship – coffee dates or dinner, which can lead to even more, spending nights together and even a monthly allowance. I m not sure how much of this in real life exists.When her friend suggests her that, she will be disgusted with the idea. At first, Nat is absolutely horrified by this concept. There’s no way she would find an older man attractive or be willing to do anything, no matter how badly she needs the money. Her opinion changes when she meets Gabe Turnmill.

She becomes a sugarbaby for a wealthy, powerful, handsome corporate attorney Gabe Turnmill who is 30 years senior to her. Gabe is a self-indulgent, narcissist who takes advantage of her innocence, until she’s not required. Initially he takes care of her and later all of a sudden, he doesn’t want her. She forgets it’s an arrangement and becomes a problem to him by stalking his family and befriending his daughter when he ends things. Plot becomes very intriguing after this. Now we can see a betrayal, obsession, manipulative, stalker side of characters. its a more thrilling read after this point.

Prologue was extremely intriguing. It starts with she is calling her dad and asking for his help as she is arrested for murder. Plot was slow initially and writing was slightly complicated. I had to check the meaning of several words in one page. However, it became fast paced for me after 40% and its more about tale of obsession, deceit and betrayal. I felt the ending was too hurried and partly satisfying. Writing could have been better.

Other characters in the book are ok ok. I liked the portrayal of her ex, troublesome, obsessive stalker boyfriend Cole. Problematic daughter Violet seemed like a spoiled, lost brat with daddy issues. Gabe’s wife Celeste was a likable, strong, independent survivor. Some thrilling parts are overshadowed by problematic and broken characters. I was expecting more!

This was my first book by Robyn Harding.  Overall this was okay, I expected more. But I’m still really looking forward to reading the other books this author has published.

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