Contemporary Romance Fiction

Park Avenue Player by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

Park Avenue player by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward
My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐

Engaging hilarious read
Amazon blurb

I just went in blind and picked it. This is the second book i read written by these two co- author. The first one was Hate Note. I think I have same feel about this book

My personal opinion is – name of the book doesn’t go with the story.This book totally blew my mind initially. Post 50% it became too much drama for me. It’s a contemporary romance written in dual point of view.

Elodie and Hollis get off to a rough start, and you could feel the tension and sparks between them from the get go. As much as they “hate” each other, they like each other, and they play off that sexual energy around them.

Elodie and Hollis meet in most unconventional way.  Moments later Elodie is up for an interview with hollis for a nanny post to take care of his niece Hailey. He becomes her boss and she is a nice nanny. It’s more like he doesn’t want an relationship and is afraid to ask her for one night stand as it might spoil his and her relationship with his niece Hailey.

Lot of sexual tension between them leads to several funny moments for readers. I just loved the Huey vet scene – go in as a bird🐦 and comes back as a goat 🐐. The first panties stealing scene made me laugh out loud like a manic.

Hollis is an uptight brooding jerk, however Elodie is outgoing, smart and sassy. I loved the combo of these 2. Hailey is cute for a 11 year old, but some scene like asking  how to use tampon or maxi pad to male nurse by 11year old girl made me think she is more towards smart side

Plot was super awesome in first half and I felt it was dragged too much after 50%.Regarding the twist towards end I felt it’s exaggerated. Hot and cold behavior felt tedious.

It’s creative, fun and nice story with a nice romance. If you are in mood for both LOL and cry at same time along with cheesy romance then this book is for you.

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