Contemporary Romance Fiction

Damage by Natasha knight -an Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

Damage: an Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

My rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

Amazon blurb:

Note : May contain spoilers from collateral. I suggest reading book 1 first. It’s a duet series

After finishing collateral I wanted to see how Gabriela and Stefen journey will go ahead. Its starts exactly from where collateral ended. This book gives a wonderful conclusion for this duet series.

Stefen is just as hot in this as in Collateral and Gabi is stubborn as ever. Lies, betrayal, deception continues and makes you sit on the edge. Stefen is determined to find out and put an end to this. Gabi’s journey from being a pawn to her father and then to Stefen, to being a queen to hold power is worth a read. I liked the push and pull, heated anger and chemistry between them.

Story continues with several people plotting and loyalties being questioned. The tug between Gabriel ( Gabriela’s father) and Stefen continues. Revenge and greed takes over and fuels the plans to destroy each other. The story takes an unexpected twists and turns. Gabi’s suspicion, loneliness and Stefen’s intention to protect her will be misunderstood. The way they beat all this will keep you hooked.

Other characters in this book are pleasing. I got intrigued with Lucas (a short entry), Millie is pleasant as always. Clara is vile. Gabriel is cunning as ever. Rafa is appealing. All these characters make a book delightful.

Plot is from dual POV, gripping and fast reading. At some point in middle I felt author has rushed a bit to conclude in this book. I would have loved to read more of Stefen and Gabi slow burn romance as in Collateral. It’s bit fast paced and sort of whirlwind romance in this book.

I enjoyed Gabriel and Stefen journey. It’s a wonderful, twist worthy conclusion. The suspense and intrigue will keep you hooked till the end. I adored the couple. I hope author will give more glimpse of Rafa in next upcoming books.

Received an advance copy for honest review on this book.

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