Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Hate Vow by Nicole French

The hate vow by Nicole French
My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐3/4

Amazon blurb

Warning: Ends with cliffhanger
This author is new to me. I was going through my insta page one day n came across this book, looked into blurb and went in blind. Writing style was good, I didn’t expect that to be this good. This book is mostly written in single POV with exception of certain chapters written from H point of view.

I thought several minutes before picking this up as this is trilogy and third book is still not yet released. I saw the third book date as October 10th n thought it’s not too far and started reading. I was prepared to give up, but it was better than i expected and I finished both books in a stretch.

As soon as I started I realized skylar and Brandon have their story and Eric /Jane are first introduced in that book. Inws, Let’s focus on this.

Eric de Vries is a big shot and an only heir to de Vries family. Currently he is estranged from his family and has been an hot shot lawyer on his own, without his family support. Now his grandmother Celeste who is suffering from cancer tells that he can claim his family money and be head of his family again if he marries and make sure the family line continues.

Jane Lee Lefferts is half Korean and a DA who hates the guts of Eric. They had an on and off relationship during college and now hate each other after bad breakup between them 3 years ago. She is smart, sassy and loud. Book starts with Jane changing her hair color to pink. God pink. No way I can think of it, but author gives wonderful justice to that saying, Jane losses job and since no need to go to court room atleast let me do this.

Eric now makes a deal with Jane to be his wife for twenty million dollars. Story lane is more than this. Has lots of betrayal, lies and secrets hidden. Story started out wonderful but became sloppier in the mid with too much drama. I loved the nicknames between each other. Jane calls Eric petridish in this😂.

The thin line between love and hate is highlighted in this. They both dance around this border. Together they straddle that line. Bandon and skylar are awesome. Skylar as a friend supports and advices Jane in every turn of events. Character development in the book is good. I loved how Jane pushes Eric and how he equally pushes back. I m not much aware of poetry, so all poems in this book looked good.

Will Eric’s high society social snobbish people along with his grandma Celeste accept Jane? Will Eric be able manage his company with Jane with his side and several people trying to push him down? What’s Jane’s secret? To know all these things keep reading this and next book in series.

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