Contemporary Romance Fiction

The kiss plot by Nicole French

The kiss plot by Nicole French
My rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2

Amazon blurb

Note: May contain spoilers from book 1 and it ends on cliff-hanger

I suggest reading book 1 as it’s not a standalone

Book 1 review –

This book starts from exactly where book 1 ended. Jane is left at alter, not sure if she is married or not. She finds out her biological father is the head of a secret society who kidnapped Eric from their wedding. Eric is trying to protect her but can’t resist her. we see a side of Eric that I for one didn’t expect.

Jane is the epitome of Quicksilver; she’s someone that changes very quickly or is difficult to hold or contain! Her fierceness, her unapologetic attitude and her feistiness is what entertained me the most. she finally realizes what she wants and fights for it.

Story continues on a twisty, crazy ride of anger, sadness, lust and even love. Jane and Eric must work as a team to get to the bottom of what John Carson and Janus are really after. With roadblocks at every turn, their relationship balances on a knife’s edge and to overcome that they must trust each other. It ends on a cliff-hanger. It is told almost entirely from the single point of view of the heroine, with occasional interludes from the third person point of view of the hero, Eric DeVries.

I liked Zola in this more than Brandon. Nina was ok. But 300 pages was too much of a push and pull to take. Plot became too dragged, felt like skimming some pages. May be a cliff hanger made me pick up next nook.

Will Eric and jane be able to overcome the problem of secrete society? What is the exact link b/w Carson and Jacob with Korea? To know more on this, we need to pick up next book

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