Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Love Trap by Nicole French

The Love Trap by Nicole French

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐3/4

Note: May contain spoilers from book 1 and 2. Final book in series. I suggest reading book 1 & 2 as it’s not a standalone

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Book 1 review –

Book 2 review –

This book starts from exactly where book 2 ended. it is the third and final book in the Quicksilver trilogy. The book moves back and forth between scenes from the past and in the present, most parts being present. The book moves back and forth between scenes from the past and in the present.

It is full of action, suspense, and twisty turns as long-awaited secrets are finally revealed. There were moments where it felt like the story dragged a little bit and felt long, but a good conclusion for trilogy. As I told in other two books reviews, the push and pull between Jane and Eric was little too much of drama for me to take. Even at this point in the series, there are struggling for trust, which is tough to accept.

Dialogues like “Like the air I breath” & “Like the water in drink” is overboard in my opinion. Instance like Tony trying to take the blame also felt extreme over board for me. I understood certain parts of PTSD, like difficulty in sleeping and trust issues, but self-harm? Not sure… But incorporating Hawseong murder and its replicate in the novel was brilliant idea of author. More explanation on Korean and her mom involvement and Carson plan with South and North Korea was intriguing. However, in my opinion this book was better than one and 2.

As I told earlier, I liked Zola in this more than Brandon. Nina was ok. There limited conversation made them more intriguing. Hoping their combo will be good.

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