Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Boss by M.S. Parker (Manhattan Records #1)

The Boss by M.S. Parker

My Rating:⭐⭐⭐1/4

Amazon blurb

This is my first book by MS Parker. I just picked randomly. Writting style was good, but plot was not very gripping. Yes, it was intriguing enough to keep turning pages. Erotica between Ashley and Nate was ok ok.

As the blurb says it’s an office romance. Nate being her bosses boss, meets her and finds her intriguing. Blurb says, he is flirting with her, but in my opinion he flirting with her is less and blackmailing her to spend with him is more.

Nate is more egotistical and selfish. He calls himself as an dominant and in my opinion he didn’t show much of that character except in bedroom. He interprets wrong about Ashlee

Ashlee is simple, intelligent, hardworking and well headed girl. She has maintains her relationship with her bosses well and behaves extremely professional and level headed. Her interaction with Nate turns her official and personal life up and down.

Neither Awful nor an excellent read. I didn’t like Nate much but liked Ashlee for most parts. I didn’t like that she agreed to jump ship in sexual dept from zero to 100 in such short time.

Ending of the book was sloppy and didn’t except that twist and some how. It sort of ends like a cliffhanger but I can totally understand big u didn’t pick second book.

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