Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Dom by M.S. Parker ( Manhattan Records #2)

The Dom by M.S. Parker ( Manhattan Records #2)

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Amazon Blurb:

As I already told in book 1 review, the writing style of the book is good but plot is not very gripping.

I didn’t like Nate much in this book. I liked Ashlee more than Nate. She is more level headed. Nate tries to be better person and wants an relationship with Ashlee. His driven to keep his relationship with her and goes an extra mile in this which is only plus in qthis book.

Plot continues with emotional family drama plus business matter, bumps on the road. It’s good to see that they overcome several bumps and blocks. There are some parts which I hated like below.
“Boss scared of ex employee that she will spread rumors and given in to her demand” At the end of this I was like what nonsense.

This book is from dual point of view and ends with cliffhanger. I liked other characters in the book esp Finley. Joshua is intriguing hope we get to see more about him in next book.

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