Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Master by M.S Parker (Manhattan Records #3)

The Master by M.S Parker
My Rating :⭐⭐3/4

Amazon blurb

Note : May contain spoilers from book 1 and 2.

This is the third and final book in Manhattan Record series. Nate and Ashlee story continues with Ashlee being agitated against Nate’s reaction of being defensive for recording his sexual encounters. It is not that she isn’t trusting just that she questions he feels she is snooping and gets defensive. However I felt this book was too much smut. They had several problems yet they found escape route of sex instead of solving it.

Expected drama like heroine receiving message from H mobile. I was expecting drama that will split up again or have fight with above scenario, then thankfully it didn’t.

I didn’t like the closure given to his ex’s drama. No libel suit when so much press was involved, reaction to that is not captured properly.

Break-in into apartment, too many ex, extreme connection between characters like Finley and Itsi. After drama from her mothers family, drama b/w Mona and Roberta. I was looking forward for more of Joshua in this and didn’t see him at all.No support from Nate’s family in crisis.some how I didn’t like this book much. In my opinion this book was ok ok. Overall series was also ok.

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