Contemporary Romance Fiction

A Lie for a Lie by Helena Hunting

A lie for a lie by Helena Hunting
My Rating :⭐⭐⭐1/4

Amazon Blurb

This is my first book by this author. I had read several blurb about this book in social media which made me pick this.

If you read the blurb you will get to know what his lie is. I was curious to know what her lie is? Some how it was disappointing. Most of the twists were expected. According to me she didn’t lie or try to hide a fact.

This book is about second chance romance. But somehow I didn’t feel this very fulfilling. It felt more like repeated story from several books.

As blurb says RJ ( Rook Bowman) is captain of NHL hokey team. He meets a Lainey in Alaska during vacation who doesn’t recognize him. So he will lie about himself and they will have a nice time for a month and depart unexpectedly.

Now they have met each other again and wanna to give a try. The lie what RJ told is about to come out. How they react to each other’s lie and will they be able trust each other?

Some instances about Lainey explaining dolphins behavior and dolphin mating and comments to that during birthday party was hilarious. There is nothing much about RJ’s NHL practice or how is balancing life.

For me none of the other characters were also interesting. Alex, stevie, Eden, violet all were ok ok. Plot moves on but the strong grip is missing.

Since this is my first book of this author I think there is appeance of several characters from her previous book. Overall it was ok read for me, if you like second chance romance this will be for you.

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