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Merciless by Willow Winter

Merciless by Willow Winter
My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐3/4

This is my first book from this author. I have heard about her so much. I was thinking which book to pick and finally picked this. I think now I understand why there are so many fans for W Winters.

The writing style and plot of this book is awesome. Even the grip in plot which makes you to turn pages ahead is also good. However, only reason I gave this 4.75 starts is because I hated heroine Aria. She is strong, I admired her for mental strength initially, but its not enough according to me.

Book starts with Aria Talvery, daughter of violent crime head being captive and passed over to Carter Cross. Carter is elder of 4 brothers and head of drug cartel. He takes Aria as captive with help of another family and assumes other two families (Talvery and Ramano) will start a war and end up with lot of casualties which will benefit him.

Cater is powerful, cold and calculative.  He is a man you’re going to hate to love. He is merciless! His plans get altered as Aria becomes unwilling captive. Aria is strong, but defiant character of her was not up to the mark for me. It was hard to decipher the chemistry, it felt more like Carter exerting his will control over Aria, and less of Aria’s self-preservation.

I did wonder on certain things, how lust takes over when basic necessities like hunger is not satiated? Not sure how human mind works, 2 weeks of isolation will cause you think of something like lust, when basic necessities are not met?. According to me Aria didn’t even try to escape, I understand sometime being smart and let them think you obey them is fine, blatantly downright agreeing for sex 🤔, she smartly answers as the thing on her mind is drawing pad.

I didn’t see where the story was going, I was immersed in it. Cater is Merciless, ruthless and driven. Carter won’t disappoint you.  This book is fast-paced and easily kept my attention and interest. It’s dark and taboo yet fascinating. This book has a proper balance and addictive storyline. It is from dual POV and had minimal secondary characters. Jase was intriguing. I cannot wait to get stuck into Heartless-Book 2 in the series.

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