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Heartless by Willow Winters

Heartless by Willow Winters
My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐1/4
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Note: May contain spoilers from book1. I suggest you read that first.

Review of book 1:

This book is second book in Merciless series. Carter and Aira’s story continues after Aria kills Stephan. The butchering scene in the beginning was sort of scary. Can adrenaline work like that? May be yes, understanding the circumstances but Dealing with what happens post that is big question.

Aira’s sass and defiance was much better in this than in Merciless. She is fighting her feelings of hate and love. They both have different set of baggages along with war raging.

Carter continues to be merciless, calculating, dominating, ruthless along with being heartless. Even though as a reader we know his feelings, Aria is unaware, and struggles with acceptance. At some point it made me question one thing, do you really think of giving someone you love a drug? Really? May be one time thing, yet bit tough to digest the fact.

There are certain times in the book where i got confused wheather to feel sorry for Aria or carter, not sure?

I went through the emotions reading it. Writting style, plot and grip of the book will leave you in awe. Carter captivated me from start and he is magnetic, attracts you. Secondary characters are intriguing. I haven’t read Addison and Denial’s story yet, now I will pick it up some time. This book is from dual POV.

The war raging, suspense, tension between Aria and Carter will all make this an intriguing read and ends with an crazy cliffhanger.