A weekend in our uncles’ farmhouse

A weekend in our uncles’ farmhouse

It was a quite weekend and suddenly Me and Raja decided to go our uncle’s farmhouse and spend the weekend.It’s located close to 100 kms from Bangalore and we took a bus in the afternoon to go till the nearest check post. It’s called Kodikonda check post. Since our decision was sudden and we left in the late afternoon, by the time we reached check post it was 5.30 in the evening. We had some hot bajji’s in the local stall and took an auto to the nearest village called Gollapalli.

A view of our farm house.

By the time we reached Gollapalli it was already dark, we somehow dared to walk in the field with the help of small battery and reach the house. However, when I was struggling to find a way after one fourth of the distance, luckily, we met Sanjay who works in our uncle farm. He was carrying milk to dairy. He told its dark and tough to find a way and insisted, he will join us and drop us to home. With his help, we reached in next 10 mins.  Our farmhouse is 10-15 mins walk from Gollapalli and no proper roadways to reach that by vehicle. Once we reached home, we just chatted and took a look at the cows, and silkworm and spent a relaxing night. It’s very quiet and calm place.

Lake near our farmhouse

I got up to the sound of chirping birds and looking over the fields surrounding the house and sipping my morning coffee. We had decided to go around the field and have a look at all the cows and birds. We went for a walk near the lake and had a look at alluring birds and came back home for breakfast. Few of my other cousins decided to join us and we all met and chatted for a while in the house and had breakfast.

Backyard of the house
farm field
View from balcony

After breakfast we went for a long walk around the field. We saw a small turtle in the nearby pond. Raja swam in one of the ponds. There are several small hillocks closer to farmhouse. We roamed in the lush green fields for more than 2 hours.  We decided to climb one of the small hillock after lunch. We had a healthy and delicious lunch prepared by our Aunt.

Finding our way
My kiddo leading in this rocky patch
Resting in between

As soon as we were done by the lunch, we got ready for the hike. We went to the base of the small hillock nearby along with my kiddo. We made our own way till the rocky patch. Our kiddo followed us till then. As soon as he saw rocky patch, he got excited and went all the way up on his own. The view from the top was amazing. We explained the name of near by mountains to him and he was interested in clicking the pics than that of being a part of it.

Explaining the near by hills
View from top

The down hill back to the base and till our uncle’s house was equally joyful. Nithin my cousin cooked mouth-watering, Yumm Onion Pakoda’s for us. My son enjoyed overlooking the process of cutting the food for Cows and he was curious to learn and understand milk extraction process from cow. He wanted to understand how milking Machine works and the difference b/w manual extraction vs milking machine. We had a fun filled relaxing weekend. We departed with a heavy heart, walked all the way till Gollapalli and came back to Bangalore in our uncle’s Car.

Pond for swimming


You could go on an adventurous trek to several neighboring hills or you can go on a more relaxed nature walk around the area. Alternatively, you can go on an exhilarating cycle ride and explore several neighboring villages. For those not inclined to exerting themselves can sit and relax in the house. If you are interested in this, and want to visit our farm house, and if you are ok to abide by our local rules and leave the luxury for the peaceful weekend then do let me know.

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