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Breathless by Willow winters

Breathless by Willow winters
My Rating :⭐⭐⭐⭐

Note :This is third book in Merciless series. May contain spoilers from book 1 and 2. Previous reviews here.

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Merciless by Willow Winter

Amazon Blurb

After the book 2 cliffhanger I was eager to know where Aria and Carter stand. This book shows the thin line of difference between hate and love. Its more about the dynamics between Aria and Carter when they were at impase. This plot is more about mafia and how Cross brothers plan to bring key players down.

Push and pull between Aria and Carter was too much for me to take. Even in third book, it went on on and onnnn without an end,this some how was irritating for me. With war on the horizon and main characters not being in sync I wasn’t sure how this will proceed. Some how Author has made that intriguing enough to turn pages.

Carter is still the same and Aria is much better in this. Carter makes no apologies for the decisions he makes even if those decisions ultimately break the woman he so covets. I liked how Addision becomes friends with Aria So quickly and tries to be protective of her.

Secondary characters were good. I had mixed feelings for Addison and Daniel in this. Jase is interesting. I liked Elli in this. Declan is big question mark. Hoping to see more about him in endless. Plot and pace of the book are ok. It makes you to think what might happen next.

Not sure how Aria and Carter will survive war and families. Hopefully endless ends well.

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