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Endless by Willow winters

Endless by Willow winters

My Rating: ***1/2

Amazon blurb:

Note: it’s not standalone. Please read 1st three books.

Merciless by Willow Winter

Heartless by Willow Winters

Breathless by Willow winters

This is the final book in merciless series. I felt this book was dragged and even in final book the difference between main characters were too much. They are not in synch even with war and not sure where they stand in the war. In the end I felt they were bought together in non-traditional way or just to be bought together.

Aria was better in this book, than in the entire series. I loved the way she commended at the end. I wish she would have done this earlier. Carter was little disappointing to me. He was same stubborn man, without mercy and without compromising. His moods were as mercurial as ever. Aria’s decision to put important things/ life over Carter was the best decision she makes. So many threads to complicate this.

Plot was ok. Pace of the book became little dragged at some points but still managed well enough to be not too sloppy. Secondary characters were ok. I was more intrigued by Declan and Marcus than Jase. Daniel and Addison were Sweet. Felt sad for Eli, his conclusion was not justifiable to me. Nik was knight in shining armour.

I felt disappointed in the end because It ended without an epilogue, no wrap up, nothing to let us know about where the characters ended up. The next, and final chapter was about Jase, the male protagonist brother. A new book called effortless is now released but only available in author’s book box ☹. It would have been good, if I could have seen how they are managing post trauma and war, but no such opportunity to look at that for now. If you are more into mafia and kidnap romances, you can pick this up.

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