Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Undercover Barmaid by Rachel Kirwin

Release Date: December 4, 2019

Cover Design: Kelsey Clayton

SynopsisUB RK FB header


My first assignment as an investigative journalist is to unleash the secrets at one of the hottest clubs in NYC. What could possibly go wrong? Get a job as a barmaid.
Don’t spill the drinks.
Don’t piss off the staff.
Get the story.
Oh, and don’t fall for the owner.
He’s an arrogant jerk who thinks women bow to him.
Yet he doesn’t date…ever.


After my father passed away I took over this night club with one goal in mind—make him proud. That’s exactly what I intend to do and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to get in my way. It’s simple…
Avoid distractions.
Keep the club alive.
Keep the secrets hidden.
Oh, and don’t fall for the new barmaid.
She’s too pure to be drug into my complicated life.



Undercover Barmaid Cover reveal

I slowly lift my hand and place it on his warm cheek. His eyes close at my touch and when he places his hand over mine, I’m electrified inside. It’s like a switch has turned on and the circuits are running through my veins. I don’t even think. I can’t think. All I can do is what my body demands of me. I force my lips onto his and, for a moment, it’s captivating. That is, until his hands move to my shoulders and he gently pushes me away. The switch has been turned off and I’m left in the darkness of regrets.

“I’m…I’m so sorry.” I wipe the back of my hand across my mouth.

I’m humiliated.

This man has humiliated me once again. Just when I felt like I was getting a glimpse into what he was really made of, I’m reminded of what he’s really like. An asshole. He said it himself and he couldn’t be more spot on.

I push past him with tears pooling in my eyes and jerk open the door to make my escape before he sees what he’s done to me—what I’ve done to myself. You fool!

I make my way through the dwindling crowd embodied with drunks. I need air. The music burst through the speakers, even in the kitchen, and it isn’t until the backdoor slams shut behind me that I’m left with only the noise of my own thoughts.

Aggressively, I brush away a single tear that escapes down my cheek and take a deep breath. On the slow exhale, the door behind me flies open. Before I can even react, I feel the firm grasp of two strong hands cupping my bottom, and with a swift motion, I’m slammed against the brick building. My legs wrap around him and his fingers sneak up my shorts, brushing gently against the bare skin of my ass.

Everything that happened tonight escapes my mind and the only thing I can focus on is the pounding of my heart against Reed’s chest. My need for him is more than I can handle and there’s no way he’s pushing me away this time. I force my mouth to his and to my surprise he reciprocates. He presses his lips harder, so much that it hurts but I crave more of the pain. I can feel the fire coming to light inside of him as our tongues dance in circles.

“I’m no good for you.” He breathes into my mouth.

His words don’t stop me.

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