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Cruel Intention (Rydeville High Elite #1) by Siobhan Davis

Cruel Intention (Rydeville High Elite #1) by Siobhan Davis

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Cruel Intentions is the first book in the Rydeville High Elite Series. This is my first book of this Author. I picked this book because of its genre. It was marked as dark high school bully romance. Its definitely more than that. This book got me hooked from start till end. Even though I was aware of this book when it was released, I waited till all book in the series are out so that I can read and enjoy everything in one shot. It was worth a wait.

This book is from single POV. Abigail comes from a wealthy and powerful family. Its been a norm in her family to have arranged marriage into another family with old money so that the business alliances are strong and going. She is been engaged and her alliance with Trent was arranged when she was 10 years old. The Rydeville High has been run by the old elite group – Trent, Charlie, Drew (Abigail’s Twin brother) and their families for years.

From outside everything thing looks perfect, but everything in Abigail’s life is decided by her father. She hates that life and loathes Trent. She wants an out of her prearranged marriage. Trent is the worst douchbag, who is downright cruel, disloyal and disrespectful to her. As the blurb says, on one fateful day, Abby will end up with a stranger and its her way telling Trent to fuck off.

Few months later Camden, Jackson and Sawyer shows up throwing their new money. Now the war rages between two groups. Cam hates Abby and hates her with a passion unrivalled. Camden is the same stranger with whom Abby had ended up with few months back. Story takes full twist from this point on. New Elite (Cam, Sawyer and Jackson) bullies Abby to the core. Bully may not be the right word here. I felt it was downright abusive.

There was never a dull moment in this book. I loved the wits and strength of Abby. Even after enduring the wrath and being the in center and enduring every one’s betrayal, she is strong enough to stand up, recover and see where her path takes. Camden was mysterious and on mission. He’s the epitome of bad boy! He’s on a revenge path and his target is Abby. He doesn’t miss a chance to defy her power at school and gain his own influence. You will love to hate Cam in this. Who he is and what he is seeking is the biggest question?

Twists and turns that had me sitting on the edge of my seat!! Certain scenes in the book was scary. Some things made me question on the relationship, esp. father and daughter. Most definitely not for the weak heart, soul or stomach, let go of your fantasies of a kind and gentle world and get ready to enter the house of horrors where even the strong may not survive.

Cruel Intentions is full of secrets, lies, deceit, and ultimately revenge. Story and plot are intriguing and as I said not a single dull moment. Plot is fast paced. I loved the secondary characters. They made this story complete!! Jackson and Xavier were best. Jane as a best friend was super disappointing. Charlie and Sawyer are interesting characters, hope to see more of them soon. Drew as her twin brother is portrayed well.

This story utterly captivated me. I couldn’t put it down. So many layers to uncover with their own stories to tell. Some scenes are utterly scary. I am hoping for more of Jackson and Sawyer in next book. If you love romantic suspense, bully romance, YA then this book is for you. Awaiting to start Twisted Betrayal!