Twisted Betrayal: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Rydeville High Elite Book 2)

Twisted Betrayal: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Rydeville High Elite Book 2)

My Rating:1/2

Author – Siobhan Davis

Amazon blurbhttps://www.amazon.com/Twisted-Betrayal-School-Romance-Rydeville-ebook/dp/B07SPYW9TR

After completing book 1, I just couldn’t sleep. I had to start this fast. I have continuously read this.

This book starts exactly where book one ended. We saw the clash between new elite and old elite in book 1. It continues after Kai’s worst betrayal to Abby. In this book we see more of what motivates these people as more secrets from the past are exposed. Michael takes evil to a new level. He is a freaking maniac!. The tension and suspense is so heavy.

Abby is the strongest character. She is not weakened at any point. She is equally cruel and compassionate.  She doesn’t know who she can trust, and quite frankly, she can’t trust anyone, but she has to, well at least try to, even though every fiber in her body is telling her otherwise. That’s the only way to bring down Power. I thought book1 was scary but this just blew up… This is definitely not for faint hearted person. Certain scenes were super scary and abusive.

I don’t know how to explain Kai in this.  I was disappointed in him. He could have done so much better, yet he as annoying to me in several scenes. I somehow still liked the combo.

Character development in this book was epic! Secondary characters are the best. Loved Rick and Jackson. Drew, I hated him in book1, but he has developed so well in this. I was intrigued more about Charlie after book 1 & he turned out totally different than my expectations. Loved Sawyer and Xavier in this. They are rock stars. They are the best part. Plot and story is fast paced. Twists and turns within this series have kept me on my toes till end.

Its vague review. It’s very tough to write review without spoilers. I m intrigued to see how all this place’s out in book 3. This book ends in a cliff-hanger that makes it seem as if there is no way out for her. Inws, it’s filled with fast paced, action mixed romantic suspense. If your into lies, secret, betrayal, angst romance novel then go for it.

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