Sweet Retribution (Rydeville High Elite #3) by Siobhan Davis

Sweet Retribution (Rydeville High Elite #3) by Siobhan Davis

My Rating:

Author: Siobhan Davis

Amazon Excerpt:


Genre: YA, Bully Romance, Elite

Standalone: NO

Series book – 3

As I have said in my earlier book 2 review I just couldn’t wait to start this book, esp. after that crazy cliffhanger.  If I have to summarize then book name & climax gives a wonderful justice to this series. Abby and Kai has taken an crazy twisted ride and it was really a sweet retribution. From being Pawn in a game to be a Queen, journey for Abby was delightful read.

I madly fell in love with Abby. I loved her strength and determination along with her cruel twisted mind. Kai wasn’t that upto the mark for me in first half of the book, but second half he definitely made up for his loss.

It was wonderful to see the entire bunch of YA Working together and bringing down the older Elite group. Abby was the mastermind behind the entire plan. Twists, suspense, betrayal, power, revenge, romance, plan, execution, it was a complete action filled story. There was never a dull moment in this.

Secondary Characters are the best in this book. I freaking Loved Drew in this. His character development from book 1 to this conclusion is superb. Jackson, Rick, Sawyer, Xavier, Sandra, Chad everyone has played there role really well. Story and Plot are super-fast paced. I was on my toes entire time.

The deceit and sadistic behavior are not for the faint heart person. It concluded in an epic way with long awaited confrontation between father and daughter. This trilogy is a twisted ride with dark theme and triggers which many may not like. If you are ok with YA behaving so well more than adults with dark theme, then go for it, it’s a crazy trilogy.

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