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Release date: 16TH DECEMBER


We live by our own rules, our own code.

As part of the Grape Vine Crew, I knew my place.

When the new girl shows up, I instantly hate her.

Until I don’t.

I didn’t realize our pasts were connected until I realize who she truly is.

We’ve already accepted her into our crew.

She’s a Grape Vine now.

But her lies, her secrets are threatening to tears us all apart.

I refuse to lose her.

Instead, I will go against everything I believe in to save her.

Even if it kills me.


“What are you asking me, Ace?” There’s a challenge behind his gaze. A challenge I’ll accept with my arms wide open. He can’t win this. I won’t let him. I’ve come too far in my life to lose to him.

“Are you a fucking snitch? Are you working your way into our world for information?” His bluntness takes me by surprise. So much so that it makes me laugh in his face. His hand squeezes tighter but I don’t flinch. I stare back at a man, another man that wants to break me. No one can do that, not after what Rico has done.

“You want to know a secret?” I ask him licking my lips. He inclines his head and waits. “What if I told you that everything you think about me is true? That I am a whore, and yes, I am out for all the information I can get on you and your crew. What then?” Ace pulls his head back and stares at me not saying a word. He doesn’t need to. His eyes hold the conversation that his lips aren’t ready to have. When neither of us speak, he moves. His hands reach for my pants, yanking them down my legs. I kick them off with my shoes as Ace pulls his own down. When our eyes lock, heat stirs inside of me.

“Let’s find out,” he growls, lifting me and pinning me with his hard on. His cock slides inside of me as I gasp. His hips move, thrusting into me as I cling to his shoulders.

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USA Today Best-Selling Author.

Erin is an author of all things Alpha. Her specialty is MC romance but loves to dip into dark romance too. She will weave you a story that will have you gasping for air as you try to figure out what’s going to happen next. All of Erin’s books will have some form of romance as well as suspense. With that being said you need to keep in mind that Erin’s tagline is always true. Fairy Tales Don’t Always Have A Happy Ending. Do you think you’re ready to take the plunge into Erin’s world?

Connect with Erin! She loves her stalkers.




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