My experience in Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatha Yoga and Nature Cure Hospital – Shanthivana – Dharmasthala

My experience in Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatha Yoga and Nature Cure Hospital – Shanthivana – Dharmasthala

My Rating: ****


Shanthivana – This place is 5kms from Dharmasthala and 300 kms from Bangalore. Its located in peaceful and serene surroundings close to River Netravati. I had heard of this place several times for naturopathy treatment mainly for obesity. I made up my mind to visit this place and take a Physiotherapy treatment for my injured ankle sprain.  I had booked a special ward for 10 days (Nov 1st 2019 till Nov 10th 2019) by calling them 2months earlier. You can even book a slot by booking online. Yes, you need to stay there even if you are a localite.

One might wonder how to pass time for 10 days, as treatment would be for an hour or two. Don’t worry on that, you will be engaged full day. Please note its not a SPA, it’s a hospital or ashram. Be ready to follow their rules and be open to try all different kriya’s and treatment. Just go with open mind. Its wonderful experience to rejuvenate your body.

Front view

The below schedule is same for entire 10 days

Daily Schedule

Time Schedule
5.30 – 7.00 AM  Yoga, meditation prayer
7.00 to 7.30 AM  Yogic Kriya’s ( Jala Nethi, Sutra nethi and Vamana)
7.30 AM  Juice (Honey water, Ashgaurd, lemon Honey, Barley Water, Ragi)
8.00 – 8.15 AM  Mud pack (Eyes and stomach)
8.30 – 11.00 AM  Consultation and Treatment (Mostly water therapy /Physio/ Acupuncture)
11.00 – 11.30 AM  Lunch (Liquid diet, Raw diet, Fruit Diet or boiled diet)
11.30 -2.00 PM  Rest
2.00 – 2.15 PM  Mud pack (Eyes and stomach)
2.15 – 2.30 PM  Juice
2.30 – 4.00 PM Consultation and Treatment (Mostly water therapy /Physio/ Acupuncture)
4.00 – 4.15 PM  Juice
4.15- 5.15 PM  Yoga (Diabetics, Gasto intestinal)
5.30- 6.15 PM  Prayer, lectures (We did walk at this time)
6.30 PM  Dinner
7.30 – 8.00 PM  Trataka (Eye excise)
8.00 PM  Treatment if necessary
10.00 PM  Off to bed

Now that you know the schedule. Let me tell you more about my experience in this


I tried not to miss yoga session in this entire 10 days. I liked both Morning and evening sessions. Morning I attended general yoga session, and this was the first time I learnt yoga from practitioner. I understood the order and loved the variation in both sessions. Esp, loved learning Suryanamaskara and Pranayama sessions. Evening I attended Gasto intestinal yoga which focused more on gastritis problem and it helped in reducing the fat around tummy.

Yogic kriya’s:

Jala Nethi: Jal Neti is a technique that was used by yogis to stay disease-free, and most importantly to use the breath well for their yogic practices without any blockages. This technique uses water to purify and clean the nasal path, right from the nostrils to the throat. It’s a simple technique which they teach you using nethi pot. Nethi pot is given to you in your admission kit.

Sutra Nethi: Come out of assumption of feeling Yakkk or scared by this practice. Its simple and you see many people getting it right and doing it in just one try. Keep an open and strong mind and try this. It took me 4 days to get this right, but I was happy that I could do it.

 Sutra neti is a nasal cleansing yoga exercise wherein the nasal area and outer respiratory regions are decongested with the help of soft thread. Initially, the soft thread is inserted through one nostril and tries to bring out through the mouth. The same process should be repeated with another nostril.

Vamana:  This kriya meant for purification of the upper digestive tract. This practice cleans the digestive tract of any undigested food particles lingering in the stomach and esophagus. Undigested food can eventually enter the body as toxins. Cleaning the stomach also removes gas, acidity and indigestion. It removes extra mucus from the food pipe or esophagus. It is fairly easy to practice and can be done even by beginners.

I won’t tell you how to practice this, this is just a jist of things so that you go with open mind to learn doing this.

Sutra nethi
Me doing Sutra nethi


Diet is a main part in these 10 days. Doing such daily boiled or raw diet is good and healthy, but in my opinion not fruit and liquid diet. These 10 days gives you a base to continue. I had been on fruit and raw diet for 9 days and went on boiled diet for 1 mean on first and last day. Since we don’t have options it helps you follow the diet. Time and diet type are defined by doctor.

Liquid diet – A liquid diet consists only of liquids instead of solid food. This might make you weak and dizzy but try to follow at least for 2-3 days or as per doctor. In this mostly you get honey water, lemon honey water, Ashgaurd juice, Carrot juice, Beetroot juice, Barley water or Ragi Ganji.

Fruit Diet – Fruit diet consist of juice and fruit in your meal. Fruit is mostly papaya or apple. I survived on fruit diet for few days. Combo will most probably be Apple/Papaya + Buttermilk/Soup.

Raw diet Raw diet includes salad (raw vegetable or fruit or mix), sprouts, fruit and juices.

Boiled Diet- Boiled diet includes boiled veggies and chapati + boiled sprouts + fruit + Juice (Soup/Buttermilk).

Mud Pack for Eyes and Stomach

Mud is an important element of nature. It contains important minerals which have positive effects on human health. Mud can absorb toxins from human body therefore is very useful in preventing many diseases. It is also known for its healing properties.

Mudpack for Eyes: Mud soaked in water is spread to make a half inch thick layer. The pack is typically 9 in X 6 in, enough to cover eyes completely. it is placed on the eyes for 20 to 30 minutes. An eye mud pack helps in relaxing the eyes; especially good for those who require sitting in front of a computer for long hours. As per naturopathy it reduces irritation, itching or other allergic conditions such as conjunctivitis and hemorrhage of the eye ball.

Mudpack for Abdomen: The size of a mud pack for abdomen is generally 10 in X 6 in X 1 in for adults. The mud pack should be applied for 20-30 minutes. The body and the mud pack should be covered with blanket, if applied during the cold weather. An abdomen mud pack helps in all kinds of indigestion. It is very helpful in decreasing intestinal heat and stimulates peristalsis.


Most of the therapies here are water therapies. Even tough they have expertise in treating several diseases, I feel most of water therapies are common for several people and they only look in terms of obesity. I have heard people telling that few things got cured due to physio and acupuncture, I m not very inclined on that. These are the available water therapies and cost. This info is available in website. These rates are as of Nov 2019. I took most of the therapies mentioned below except for Colon and Laser.

Sl. Treatments General, Special & Deluxe Ward (in Rs) Cottage & VIP Cottage Rate (in Rs)
1 Cucumber Pack (Per Sitting) 70 90
2 Mustard 85 100
3 Full Wet Sheet 85 100
4 Under Water Massage 145 175
5 Ganji Turmaric Bath 175 200
6 Douche 180 240
7 Reclaining Steam Bath 180 240
8 Salt Glow Massage 525 575
9 Full Body Massage (Oil) 300 360
10 Sauna 230 350
11 Whirl Pool 240 360
12 Mud Bath 180 240
13 Colon Hydrotherapy (Per Sitting) 1250 1350
14 Deluxe Hydro Massage 360 425
15 Swimming (Per Sitting) 90 115
16 Body Fat Analyzer 100 100
17 Physiotherapy for 10 Days 1100 1100
18 Acupuncture for 10 Days 1100 1100
19 Laser Therapy 825 825
20 Service Charges for VIP – – 500
21 Registration Fee 200 250
22 Safe Deposit Locker 50 – –
23 O.P Consultation 50 50
24 Dlx Steam Bath – – 175
25 Partial Massage 120 150

Physio therapy:

I was not very convinced on physio session. I took wax therapy, IFT and ultrasound. I’m mostly an active person and took great care in doing physio workouts. Wax and IFT definitely helped in pain. But I felt, doctors and interns could focus more on workout along with IFT and ultrasound. In my opinion they are not for sports injury.


Since I was healthy and mostly focused on diet and physio, doctors didn’t refer me for acupuncture. But I heard from several people getting treatment there that, back pain and knee pain reduced after Acupuncture. I even witnessed a unique case (a person who became my good friend in shot period of span we met), she developed a fever due to weather and water change and doctors denied her to take antibiotics and gave her an acupuncture by inserting a needle in forehead (b/w eyes), eyes and forearm. They had kept that inside her body for 2 days and her fever reduced.


Trataka is a yogic purification and method of meditation that involves staring at a single point such as a small object, black dot or candle flame. This session begins with some basic eye exercises followed by candle flame trataka. This helps in purifying the eyes (tear duct), strengthens the eye muscles and improves vision and memory. This develops intuition, the ability to visualise and willpower. I loved this more than anything in the entire day.

Tariff for room

General ward is separate for both male and female. It’s a common hall with 4-6 bathroom for 12-15 people. I had taken a special room which costed me 600 per day as I needed privacy and I shared it with my friend. This room has separate bathroom and 24hr hot water(Solar).

1 General Ward 350
2 Special Rooms Single Occupancy 1000
DoubleOccupancy ( for 2 people) 1200
3 Deluxe Rooms (A/C & TV) Single Occupancy 1500
DoubleOccupancy (for 2 people) 2000
4 Cottage Single Occupancy 4000
DoubleOccupancy (for 2 people) 4000
5 VIP Cottage Single Occupancy 5000
DoubleOccupancy (for 2 people) 5000


Other info to note

  • No therapies while on periods (water therapies). You can avail physio and acupuncture on those 3 days. They believe water therapy will increase menstrual blood flow.
  • Food consists of less salt and almost zero sugar.
  • Carry your own cutlery and Yoga mat (Its available there along with admission kit for money).
  • Sunday no evening therapy and yoga sessions (avoid 2 Sunday’s while planning for 10 days)
  • Collect Dharmasthala temple special darshan card on the last day so that you can visit temple.
  • Two stores are available inside the campus. One near reception other in the back. You get several things to buy.
  • SuggestionWomen please do carry nighty as its easier to slip that on your body after therapy.
  • Suggestion Carry gram flour or Shikakai for hair wash as shampoos contain lot of chemicals (required after oil message)

Total Cost:

 As I had already mentioned, I took a special room which costed 6000rs for 10 days + entire treatment cost came upto 3800 (inclusive of admission kit). Total bill was 9900 for 10 days. I had bought my own cutlery, yoga mat and towel and most probably saved close to 700rs.

Bottom line:

People who can’t stay without unhealthy food or without salt sugar or spice have tough time surviving here. You are welcomed with a medical test and the doctor prepares a treatment schedule and diet chart for your stay. The food is bland & the quantity and menu depends on your obesity levels. I’m skeptical on Acupuncture and physio session. You can see the difference in your body within 2 days, you will start feeling healthy & light. Mostly useful for obesity and full body rejuvenation.

10 thoughts on “My experience in Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatha Yoga and Nature Cure Hospital – Shanthivana – Dharmasthala

  1. Hey , u mentioned u booked special room, also shared image of one double sharing room, is this the same room which u stayed during this period. Also I have acne issue from past 13 years, wanna try this. Is it worth?
    Is it possible to solve this type issue.
    Please reply


    1. Hello Sravani.. Yes I stayed in that room for 2days n later I shifted to 3bed special room… There was a repair work going on in neighbouring room n a friend of mine had dust allergy so we shifted to 3bed special room.

      I m not sure if they have any treatment for acne. If you think diet, water and workout will make body cleaner n it will affect acne in a positive way then go for it… Or else it may not be that useful. I suggest cal them n check.


  2. Query – Shanthivana – Dharmasthala

    Thank you for writing detailed blog. it helps a lot.

    Question -> Do we get 4G signal there? I may have to work half day kind online.


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