Contemporary Romance Fiction

The Rebel King(All the King’s Men Duet Book 2) by Kennedy Ryan

Title: The Rebel King

Author: Kennedy Ryan

My Rating: +

Standalone: No – Book 2

Genre:Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Romance

Narration: Dual POV (Maxim & Lennix)

Primary Characters: Maxim Cade & Lennix Hunter


This book starts from exactly where book 1 ended. I was eager to pick this book. As I told in book 1 review, author’s knowledge in the subject is immense. In the book 1 we saw the talks about climate change, fossil fuels to racism and land protection. In this we can see more about Pharma world along with the above. I loved the view of protag in the context to bio chemical warfare. This book made me engrossed in it and finished this is one shot (non- stop).

This is one of the most magnificent and unputdownable read. Its spectacular and I fell in Love with Maxim. I loved Maxim even in book 1, after this, he just upsurges to the top. The story continues with powerful and wonderful journey of Maxim and Lennix. The respect and love for each other is splendid and essential part of this love story. They challenge each other, and most importantly, they love and support one another above all else. Maxim’s zeal to change the world, powerful nationalist idea’s and never to compromise on his idea and vision for power, to build a better nation and drive to make it possible is Splendid. The journey of Maxim and Lennix from teenage to a powerful leader is glorious.

Nix continues to blow me away with her strength which she finds within herself and through her heritage. I loved the way, she implements her heritage in daily life. Its novelty for me to read about other heritage and still not get bored even for a single second. I loved her reasoning & hesitation to what might happen on certain scenario’s. Maxim is the perfect example for Powerful, Possessive & magnetic Alpha male. It’s a wonderful relationship with no misunderstanding, open and honest communication, and with a super undeniable chemistry.

There are several things I liked in this book. I have tried to list the one which made big impact on me.

  • Implant tracker on the body – This is a scary subject to me, but I have heard about this in several books, yet, practicality of internet usage to that extent is downright terrifying.
  • Bioluminescent – I had never heard of that before and gave me an immense idea on what it is and made to add Point Reyes in my wishlist of places to visit.
  • Aurora Australis – Southern/Northern Lights, this made to think of visiting Antarctica one day 😉
  • Water Sky optical illusion—I spent lot of time googling on this and looking more into it. Next time I will have a keen watch on this when I sail.
  • I m a born vegetarian, and the view of non- vegetraians to buy responsible meat and limit the cattle intake because of how deforestation contributes to global warming is lovely. I keep advertising the same in our country, and good to know that there are people who think on this.

The plot & story is fast paced, intriguing and very engrossing read. Secondary characters are best. Loved Grim and Kimba. They give best advice when required and stand by them at every level. The way Owen’s journey took was shocking, yet good reasoning. It was good watching Warren from being over protective and arrogant asshole to dotting father.

Love you Kennedy for explaining such beautiful concepts. There were some major twists and turns in the story, things you never see coming that will take your breath away. Some good. Some not.It was amazing, it has everything I expected and even more. This book made me enriched and enlightened when I closed the book. Go ahead and read it. Enjoy.

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