Contemporary Romance Fiction

Maria(Made Men Book 7)By Sarah Brianne

Title: Maria(Made Men Book 7)

Author: Sarah Brianne

My Rating: 1/2

Standalone: No – Can be read as standalone but ends with cliffhanger. 7th book in Made men series.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance

Narration: Single POV

Primary Characters: Maria, Dominic, Kayne Evans


Note: This can be read as standalone, but its better understood if you read other book in the series. It ends with cliffhanger.

I had been waiting for this book, even before Drago & Angle was realized. Maria had been one of the intriguing characters in all the previous books. I got more intrigued with Maria and Dominic after Drago. From the time I read the blurb and got to know about Kayne, I was waiting for this. Maria was all as I expected, to an extent even disappointing. However, honestly it didn’t meet my expectation in terms of both Kayne and Dominic. I was definitely in team Dominic even before I started but was hoping Kayne is a tough competitor. Both were very disappointing, hoping to see more of Dominic in next book. Kayne, just lagged in all aspect, I have nothing much to expect.

The relationships Maria had with both Kayne and Dom lacked depth and there really wasn’t time in for a relationship to develop between two. After a year of waiting again a Cliffhanger, don’t know how long we may have to wait for next one, by then one will lose interest. I did love certain dialogues in the book, but my fav being between her legs was a kitty, not a wolf”.

At one-point author has explained Maria as Charming, narcissistic, cunning, manipulative and Shallow and even stated “Psychopaths were winners”. However, even tough Maria showed all those characters, it was just not enough. I loved the way how Leo turned out in this.

Plot was good, moving, but not very fast. Yes, intriguing, but lacking in depth. We could see some of Elle, Chole, Nero and Lucca in this. But I m hoping to see more of Lucca & Dominic. Ending has definitely made me look out for next book. You can definitely skip out of reading this book till next one releases, you wont miss anything.

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