Contemporary Romance Fiction

Review- Undercover Barmaid by Rachel Kirwin

Title: Undercover Barmaid

Author: Rachel Kirwin

My Rating: 3/4

Standalone: Yes

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Romantic Suspense

Narration: Dual POV (Reed Titan & Saddie)

Primary Characters: Reed Titan & Saddie


Received an advance copy for honest review on this book.

Book starts exactly as its stated in Blurb. Saddie’s first assignment as an investigative journalist is to unleash the secrets at one of the hottest clubs in NYC.  Rumors tell there has been an illegal activity going on in the club. She wants to prove her worth to her co-workers and boss. She takes up the job as a barmaid (female bartender) in the club.

Reed Titan is the owner of the club. He has a baggage of his own and he has a self-rule not to date anyone as he has been burned in the past. He is a total playboy with mutual agreement between his partners. Even with his baggage he is a gentleman by giving his shoulder for women to cry and taking care of them in need, but he is an asshole only if he has to deal with women after their one night stand.

Both Saddie and Reed are attracted to each other from the beginning and they have trouble keeping away staying away. With the big cover Saddie is hiding and Reed with his own troubled past and with current problems, will they be able to get together? They will start getting to know each other but with secretes roaming all around them, trusting each other along with their heart in line is a big risk they should be willing to take.

I liked the climax more than any other part, the way Saddie takes control of the situation (sorry for this spoiler, by telling you she takes the control — to know how, read the book) and handles things.

Plot and story flow of the book is ok ok. Secondary characters are fine. I would like to see more of Lance and Ava in her upcoming books. Go ahead with out any expectations and enjoy the book.






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