The Punk and the Plaything(When Rivals Play #3)

Title: The Punk and the Plaything(When Rivals Play #3)

Author: B B Reid

My Rating:1/2

Stand alone: it can be read as a stand-alone, each novel depicts a unique romance, however the plots connect. Its recommended that you read them in order for the best experience.

Cliffhanger: No But plot connects and continues with book 4

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Character: Jamie & Barbette (bee)

Secondary Character: Ever, Four, Lou, Wren, Tyra & Vaghun

Source: Free in KU

Evermore Review:Evermore ( bonus short novella) by B.B. Reid

Blurb: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B082C5B253

I was eager to know more about Jamie and Bee from the trailer was released. We already had a glimpse of their relationship in both  “The peer and the Puppet” & “ The Moth to the Flame”. The character development of Jamie and Bee in this is good. We had much visibility about Jamie in previous book, in this we get more details of Bee and her reason to be Ice Queen.

The story is told in dual POV and toggles between Past and Present. In Evermore, we get to know that Jamie is determined to know the actual relationship between Bee & Ever. Its all about how childhood friend becomes enemies due to misunderstanding and how Jamie is determined to unearth the secrets and get under the ice queens’ skin and bone.

Bee being the perfect daughter with cold, impenetrable queen without hearts and Jamie being cigar smoking, guitar playing, total carefee guy, they are total opposite of each other. Yet they can’t keep their eyes off from each other since childhood. Hurt, betrayal and secrets playing bigger role, its time for them to come clean and start trusting each other.

The only reason I gave this book 4.5 is because, almost 50% of the book is retell and detailed version of “Evermore”. Plot moves at good place.  The role of the gang in this book is the best. I Love this whole Gang. It was so fun to spend time with Ever, Four, Wren, Lou, Tyra and Vaughn again. I love the banter between all of them. A troublemaker nosey Jamie is determined for his revenge with beautiful barbie all bets are off. They collide spectacularly and creates a nice fireworks. Go ahead, read and Njoy. Now I’m looking forward to know more about the Prince and how Plot turns and unearths the secretes.

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