Play Me by Key Dukey & K Webster

Title: Play Me

Author: Key Dukey & K Webster

My Rating: ***1/2

Standalone: Yes

Genre: Erotica Romance, Fiction, BDSM

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Quinn & Joshua

Source: Free in KU


Note: This is a steamy but dark, kinky romance! With happy ending. If aggressive sexual situation bothers you or triggers you, please pass on this book. It’s not for everyone.

As explained in blurb, this book starts with Quinn’s unique request for Joshua. Joshua gets intrigued by Quinn and tries to understand her request and how to fulfil her fantasy with caution, without knowing about her. He needs to build her trust before accepting it.

Quinn is a survivor and trying to recover from her trauma. Now she is ready to move on. I liked her more than Joshua in this. Any person who has went though shit like that, will take time to heal and does have trust issues, which is totally acceptable. Given her situation she has handled it best and she is taking next steps to completely overcome that by asking Joshua to fulfil her fantasy. Joshua is owner of the sex club named Hush which is quite popular. He tries his best to be an astute observer and tries to fulfil her fantasy. I wished there was a bit more about his story and more about his character

Story is fast paced, plot is good, but the grip in the plot is lagging. Character development is at its worst, but this book isn’t about that. Secondary characters were ok ok, none were intriguing. In my terms, it wasn’t dark at all, but it’s a quick read If you are looking for something quick, hot, and less involved steamy book, this is for you.

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