Contemporary Romance Fiction

Leave Me(Touch of death #2) by L P Lovell

Title: Leave Me

Author: L P Lovell

My Rating: 3/4

Standalone: No. 2nd book in series

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance, Romantic suspense

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Sasha & Adelina

Source: Courtesy of Author/Publisher in exchange for honest review – ARC of 3rd book in series.


I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author as I had volunteered to review and do ARC for 3rd book in the series (for that I need to read entire series).

Note: Ends with cliff-hanger and may contain spoilers from book 1

This is second book in the series. This book is exactly as name suggest. I definitely didn’t expect this twist. As you see in the end of book 1, Adelina was just a job for Sasha, and she becomes more without him realizing it. He likes her soft, innocent side more than her aggressive spirited nature, but he is not averse to that behaviour. He just loves her soft side more and respects her other side.

Adelina takes matters into her own hand and takes actions even when everyone opposes her. As the name of the book suggest, both Sasha and Adelina won’t meet much often in this. It’s all about how both of them try to solve issues in their own way. Adelina is trying to figure out a way to get her revenge. Her naive and foolish decision to be close to Enrique will sort of backfire her. She even rejects Sasha’s help, which will make her regret in the end. Adelina is determined to end the man that killed her father. The question is what price Adelina is willing to pay for her revenge.

Enquire Bianchi was more intriguing to me in the initial part of the book. With his level-headed decisions and the way he acted, it was so much that at one point I thought of him as anti-hero. He acts cruelly in the second half, but not as much as I expected out of a mafia Villain. He is unpredictable. With so many twists and turns it’s a fast pacing read.

Hurdles with Elite and looming power struggle and upcoming war between Gabreilla(Adelina’s sister), Enrique, Nero and other players, who will remain loyal to whom and how this would turn out? With the ending, it left you wanting for more, it left you unsatisfied with the action’s heroine did or did NOT do.

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