Contemporary Romance Fiction

Love me ( Touch of Death #3) by L P Lovell

Title: Love me

Author: L P Lovell

My Rating: ****

Standalone: No. 3nd book in series

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mafia Romance, Romantic suspense

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Sasha & Adelina

Source: Courtesy of Author/ publisher in exchange for honest review – ARC


I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author as I had volunteered to review and do ARC.

Note: May contain spoilers from book 1 & 2

This is third & final book in the series. As you see the cliff-hanger of book 2, now Adelina is aware of her father’s murderer. Now she has to decide and change the course whether she has to hate him or love him.

She sort of tries to be a sacrificial lamb and trying to protect her sister. Gabriella (Adelina’s sister) tries to act stronger and fit into her father shoes, yet, Adelina is more of her father’s daughter than of Gabriella. Even though she is been kept out of reach in this world, when time arises she blends in easily.

I admired her tactics at one point. She has acted as an amateur and takes worst decision, but she stands up to that. Enrique was still a sort of question mark, him being unpredictable ad volatile I can understand every one’s question mark. From being a pawn in every ones game to become a queen her journey is good. Having trouble from Elite to war for power and money she and Sasha struggles to bring end to all problems together.

Nero and Una’s strategies and plans to help them in their own way is good. Plot was more detailed in this than in Book 1 & 2. I was wondering how author will make up and complete this, but she has given a justice to this conclusion. I admired Sasha’s words saying, “I’m a solider malyshka, not leader”. He left the decision-making part to Lina and supports her in that.

 I definitely got intrigued with Rafael D Curze and Ronan Cole, at the end author has mentioned that they have a book of their own, I will pick up one day. it’s good character development, yet more bonding with main characters was lacking, apart from that its an action filled conclusion.



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