Contemporary Romance Fiction

Never Again( Never Blue#2) by Julie Wolf

Title: Never Again

Author: Julia Wolf

My Rating:

Standalone: No. 2st book in series

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Rock star

Narration: Dual POV (Tali & Jude)

Source: Courtesy of Author/publisher – ARC


After the huge hangover from Never lasting, the journey of Jude and Tali continues. Now, at 34, after 13 years, Tali was stronger than ever, a business woman, one who controls her decisions and that of her band. Now Jude is in her band. How can she trust him again? Jude and Tali slowly work their way through the past to paint the complete picture of who they are today, as well as why and how. Jude had a LOT of work to do and determined to show Tali who he really is.

Tali and Jude end up spending time together and getting to known each other again. Throughout this book you are taken back to the missing years to hear about what they’ve been up to, and how they’ve matured and become stronger individuals. He craves a second chance for the future they never got to have all those years ago, because of his mistakes and bad decisions. Will she give it, considering his past?

Jin, and his friendship with both Jude and Tali was amazing!! And then Tino, his husband and kids, Nina and her happy ever after with Lydia. It was all so perfect!!

This was the Satisfying conclusion for Tali and Jude.

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