Contemporary Romance Fiction

Never Lasting( Never Blue #1) by Julie Wolf

Title: Never Lasting

Author: Julia Wolf

My Rating: 3/4

Standalone: No. 1st book in series

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Rock star

Narration: Dual POV (Tali & Jude)

Source: Courtesy of Author/publisher – ARC


Thanks for ARC opportunity.

This is my first book I read of this author.  This is the first book in series. Tali and Jude are young couple who are in love. They meet accidentally in lift and that keeps continuing. They keep continuing to meet. Tali doesn’t want to, she can’t help but feel that Jude could be her everything. So, she gives in and gives their love a shot. They are both extremely supportive of each other and deeply in love, but there are mistakes, bad decisions, and hurdles that create destructive fissures in their hearts. They are adults yet not mature enough to understand what lies for them.

I liked how independent Tali was. She was so focused on her school work and making sure her dreams would come true. Their flirtation, chemistry, mutual love for music, and the depth of their connection is all consuming. Addiction is such a horrible thing, you don’t know when it consumes you or you get consumed by it. Tali dabbles in drugs recreationally and Jude falls for it bad. He just couldn’t recognize who is controlling who, this will lead to fragile relationship. When Jude chases his dream to be a rock star to his down fall in the end, I was wondering how things end between them. With broken promises and burned bridges they have a lot to overcome.

It’s an entertaining story lines which starts slow in the beginning but picks up pace after midbook. I really enjoyed the support and friendships between Tali, Nina, and Tino.

Tali and Jude’s story is a real tug on the heart strings. It’s an emotional ride. Enjoy this emotional roller coaster if you are in for Rock stars.

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