Contemporary Romance Fiction

Devious Lies(Cruel Crown #1) by Parker S. Huntington

Title: Devious Lies(Cruel Crown #1)

Author: Parker S. Huntington

My Rating:

Standalone: Yes

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Enemies to Lovers

Narration: Dual POV (Emery & Nash)

Source: Courtesy of Author/publisher – ARC


Thanks for ARC opportunity.

This is my first book I read of this author. I had liked the blurb and applied for ARC and I couldn’t wait to start this. I went in blind, its an addictive read. Its lengthy but I enjoyed it well. I fell in love with this author after studying the foreword story about princess Lily and Celia. Totally agree on author’s standpoint in this.

This book starts with the introduction to the lead protagonist Nash and Emery when they are young and how the entire plot revolves around the base. Emery is born with money and yet her best friend Reed is the son of the person who works in her estate. Emery thinks she loves her best friend. Everything changes when she is 18, when many people from her town becomes victimized for her family business embezzlement.

Actual plot stats after this point. After 4 years, now emery is 22 and is struggling to meet the ends.   Emery is strong, caring, selfless and total badass. Her feistiness and ability to give everything and her vocabulary, my god. Emery has a unique quirk in this, she keeps telling unique dictionary words to express her feelings.

Nash, the poor boy turned billionaire is rude, blunt and bully. He strongly believes in his revenge and when the opportunity arises for him to consider Emery as collateral damage, he tries to utilize that to the core. I fully enjoyed laughing out loud where they come face to face for first time after 4 years. . I just don’t have enough words to explains this. They fought, pushed each other buttons and is slow burn.

Loved Delilah in this. She is best as a best friend and lawyer, who understands and pushes back Nash. Reed was ok ok, but his part as a passive player in this is big. At some point I even felt wordings were complicated, yet, it was justifiable due to heroine’s, quick for unique dictionary words.  Loved few dialogues in this book. My fav being “Silence is the best response to people who don’t deserve your words”. The characters were complex and dynamic. Depth of the story and characters is wonderful. These characters were everything that makes for a great story. The suspense and lies will keep you wondering. It’s a combo of suspense, revenge, witty banter, a slow burn with incredible chemistry.

Bottom line- This book is Lagom & Selcouth – Not too little. Not too much. Just Right. Rare, strange and yet marvellous.

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