Contemporary Romance Fiction

Hate Crush by A. Zavarelli

Title: Hate Crush

Author: A. Zavarelli

My Rating:

Standalone: Yes

Genre: Contemporary Romance, bully, Student- teacher

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Stella & Sebastian

Source: Free in KU


I have read crow series of this author. I was having some good hopes for this, but it was  disappointment.

Stella LeClaire is starting her senior year at a new prestigious ‘Loyola’, where money is just as important as grades. She doesn’t come from old money she is trying to please everyone and stay afloat.

Sebastian Carter is arrogant, domineering, difficult jerk. He is her teacher in the school. He is named by students as “Mr. Lucifer Hot Teacher of Doom Carter.” His reasons to be particularly hard on her was not justifiable.

Sebastian starts picking up on Stella and starts being harsh to her. The affair that they eventually fall into however, is one borne out of obsession, unhealthy dependency, abandonment issues and a way to work out a loss of direction and bitterness. Stella and Sebastian are one messy and turbulent couple. Characters felt a little underdeveloped.  Stella was more like a doormat heroine who wanted to please everyone due her abandonment issues. I understand she is eighteen, yet it annoyed me to the core.

I absolutely adore is Stella & Sybil friendship! Sybil is the best character of the book and probably the most ‘normal’ one. Her and Stella’s friendship were the best part of the book. I love how she supported Stelle through thick and thin. Through every hardship.

Hate Crush is of steam, a bit of suspense, a little forbidden.Enjoy reading it without much inhabitation.

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