Contemporary Romance Fiction

Hard to Love by Willow Winters

Title: Hard to Love

Author: Willow Winters

My Rating: ****

Standalone: No. Book 1

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Narration: Dual POV

Primary Characters: Seth & Laura

Source: Courtesy of Author/publisher – ARC


I went in blind. I wasn’t aware Seth and Laura were connected to Cross brothers till the end of the book. I have read Carter’s Story and yet to read Jase’s. The majority part of  Hard to Love is giving us Seth and Laura’s background story. How Seth and Laura met as a teenagers till his journey to be a Jase’s right hand man.

Laura was unique in her own way. She was smart, beautiful, and good. she was everything Seth needed, but knew he shouldn’t want. Seth is a force to be messed with. He’s unfiltered, dangerous, and a brute, yet she is her weakness. He’s too selfish to let her go. Seth is the young “king”, he is learning and making a name for himself, but at what cost? He loves Laura and shows it the only way he knows how.  But is it enough? Laura loves Seth with her whole soul.  She wants better for them and yet she understands Seth’s need to do what he does, and be the person that he needs to be. Seth and Laura have gone through so much in a short amount of time, you will feel every emotion the characters feel. It is gripping, emotional, enthralling, and enticing.

The book is sexy and fast paced. I loved Cami and Derrick .  All I need now is to know what comes next for Laura and Seth. This is a condensed review of this book, you need to go in blind just like I did!

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