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My best books of 2019

I hope you all had an wonderful 2019. I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2020

I have read several books, but I started writing book reviews recently. For me, reading gives me incomparable pleasure.  For me reading a book can relieve stress better than taking a walk or listening to music. It takes me to another world, In the new world I forget all about my current surroundings. Yes, you are right, its my way of escapism.

Getting lost. Books are a great way to get lost. What I mean by this is: you can easily get lost in a story. Getting lost in a story means that books are gateways for us to escape our normal boring lives. They allow us to detach ourselves from everyone and everything, which is something we don’t get to do that often

Reading has improved my vocabulary and command on the language. The world of fiction allows me to travel to another world, where everything is different. By reading books I get a glimpse of other places and its culture. Books expand my horizons, letting me to see other countries, other people and so many other things I have never seen or imagined.

Here is list of some of the books which I have read this year and has left some long-lasting impression and lasted in my memory for a while. In Random order

  • Rainfall by Melissa Delport:

Amazon link :

Even though this book was released in 2016, I read this year. I haven’t written review of this book. Its contemporary romantic-suspense and psych thriller. First thing, GO IN BLIND! Avoid reading any spoilers, because this book will rock you to your core and it’s absolutely fabulous. I loved every heartbreaking bit of this book.

It’s about a woman named Paige, who is still recovering from the death of her fiancé and struggling to deal with her father’s Alzheimer’s. She meets a charming man named Adam and they fall fast in love. she is visited by someone who reveals something about Adam’s past and convinces her that she is the key to help him. “How far would you go to save the man you love?”

Rainfall takes you through love, loss, finding yourself,  fighting for love, and what will happen when that love isn’t yours anymore. Go ahead and enjoy reading it.

  • The King Maker and The Rebel King by Kennedy Ryan

Amazon link :

It’s a contemporary romance duet book.  Maxim Cade just became my one of the top book boyfriend of this year. He is everything. Author’s knowledge in the subject is immense. She talks about urgency to act towards climate change, fossil fuels to racism, land protection to bio chemical war fare. The main protagonist challenge each other, and most importantly, they love and support one another above all else. This is one of the most magnificent and unputdownable read.

My complete review

There were some major twists and turns in the story, things you never see coming that will take your breath away. Some good. Some not. It was amazing, it has everything I expected and even more. This book made me enriched and enlightened when I closed the book. Go ahead and read it. Enjoy.

  • Verity by colleen Hoover

Amazon link–

I haven’t written the review for this. However, loved the twists and this book made me read late into the night to finish. This book is creepy, twisted super psych thriller. This haunting, disturbing tale left me feeling bereft. And that ending. Brilliant. To give closure to the reader, and to leave the reader’s mind blown like that was magnificent but wicked and I loved it.

Its about Lowen Ashleigh  a low-profile writer who is offered half a million dollars to complete the last three series of books by a famous author, Verity Crawford by Verity’s husband,Jeremy. Lowen finds Verity’s manuscript of an autobiography at her office and gets to know shocking details about the mysterious tragedy stuck family. The novel is a dark, twisted psychological thriller which is literally unputdownable. The characters are quite complex and unreliable in their narratives. Over all its a great read. Enjoy.

  • The devious lies by Parker S Huntington

Amazon link:

This book starts with the introduction to the lead protagonist Nash and Emery when they are young and how the entire plot revolves around the base of what happened when they were young.  Its enemies to lover’s novel.

My complete review :

I learnt lot of new words in this book,  heroine in this book has a unique quirk, she keeps telling unique dictionary words to express her feelings. This book is Lagom & Selcouth – Not too little. Not too much. Just Right. Rare, strange and yet marvellous.

  • Mr.Perfect by Linda Howard  

Link for Amazon:

This is one of my favorites for this year. It’s a story of 4 women who work in the same company in different department. All 4 are different from each other yet they are good friends. It revolve around a list made by these 4 friends on one drunken night about their idea of Mr. Perfect. As per them Mr.Perfect doesn’t exist and it’s a science fiction. Yet it doesn’t stop them to make a list and laugh at their own innovative character. List becomes viral and these 4 become famous.

It was fun, fast paced, sexy and intriguing all at the same time. And the good part is, this book made me laugh like loony, but the best part is i never guessed or imagined anything like a ending in this book. Its a complete package with comedy, suspense, thriller and romance. Go ahead enjoy it.

See my complete review here:


So for 2020, I am going to dig through all of the books on my Kindle along with several ARC.Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and wish everyone joy, laughter, good health  and happy reading in 2020.

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